LIFTVRAC, based near Nantes, France were formed back in 2008 by Marcel Boursier, a conveyor belt manufacturing specialist. The concept of the LIFTVRAC conveyor is simply brilliant, a flat belt forms a tube to convey materials to an elevated height and then becomes a flat belt again.

The main advantages of this are that the belt stays perfectly clean, whilst being able to handling the most sticky, wet, fragile, non flowing of products, all without damage to the product and with very little power consumption – and most importantly – WITHOUT PRODUCT LOSS !

Mostly used in the food industry, the conveyor is perfect for filling mixers, hoppers, multi-head weighers, basically anywhere that a product needs to be elevated.

The conveyor is available in 3 models, a type S, type C and type J – all named from the shape they come in.

For more information please click below; PDF Brochures are also available.

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