Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co. KG have supplied control systems for their equipment for well over 60 years !

Specializing in feeding systems, the control systems available are designed to give reliable and repeatable performance across the full Brabender range of feeding technology.

Various control systems are available ranging from volumetric feeder controls, loss-in-weight feeder controls, batching system controls to full integration with customer’s plant control.

As technology changes at such a rapid pace, Brabender endeavour to move with it and a dedicated department are constantly looking at ways in which to improve not only the Brabender systems but into things like integration to other systems.

Brabender’s latest range of feeding technology includes the Congrav touch screen range including single and multiple feeder interface modules.

For the actual control of the feeders, there are panel mount control board options called Congrav CBplus which have in-built interfaces available for connection to other systems. There is also the option to have the control modules mounted on the feeder to reduce installation and panel costs, these are the ISC-CMplus range.

Additional feeders can be added at a later date if required very simply using Brabender’s BUS system.

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