Gravimetric Feeders

When accuracy and repeatability is essential, Brabender Technologie offer a wide range of gravimetric feeders. The complete range has been designed to suit most applications in all of the main industry sectors.  With feed rates from as little as 30g/hr up to 50te/hr you can be sure that we have a gravimetric feeder to suit your specific requirements.

Gravimetric feeding is typically done in two ways:

  • LOSS-IN-WEIGHT – Weight loss in measured by means of a loadcell system.  As the feeder is running, the weight loss is compared against the setpoint and the speed is adjusted in order to maintain the feed rate at the required setpoint. The Brabender range of Congrav controllers ensures an accurate feed rate.  Both continuous feeding and batch feeding options are available.
  • GAIN-IN-WEIGHT – With gain-in-weight applications, our volumetric feeders are used to dose into a weigh hopper and the increase in weight is monitored. The Brabender Congrav control system is used to monitor the increase in weight and alter the speed of the feeder accordingly to achieve the best possible accuracy.

There are variations to the options above, bespoke systems can be designed and supplied to suit your specific needs.

With gravimetric feeding, the refilling of the equipment is extremely important and the correct design should be used in order to maximise the performance of the gravimetric feeder. In order to help you achieve this, Genesis now offer a full range of refill systems, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Click here to view our refill systems

Typically, Brabender offer Flexwall feeders, single screw feeders, twin screw feeders, vibratory feeders and belt feeders.

For full descriptions of each type of feeder or for more information please click on one of the links below or contact us for more information on or 01270 766 300.

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