Flexwall Feeders

The Brabender Technologie Flexwall ™ feeder has been in the market place since 1994 and is the perfect choice for both free flowing and poor flowing products. Whether you are looking to feed a sticky powder, a free flowing granule, a light and fluffy powder, regrind or even fibre glass strands, the Flexwall feeder range should be chosen to ensure hassle free feeding.

The Flexwall range of feeders are available as both volumetric feeders and gravimetric feeders.

The Flexwall feeder has a polyurethane trough which is externally massaged to ensure the product in the feeder is sufficiently agitated so as to achieve the best mass flow.

Another advantage of the polyurethane trough and external massage paddles is that the product does not come in to contact with a mechanical agitator like in conventional feeders so for products that have a low melting point it is the perfect feeder for gently dosing the ingredient without working it too much. The same principle applies to food ingredients, as the Flexwall feeder creates real mass flow – using the first in, first out principle, the ingredients are not held within the feeder and stuck to agitators like conventional screw feeders.

One more significant benefit of the Flexwall feeder is how easy it is to clean. Once the hopper, screw and tube has been removed, the flexible trough can be removed from the feeder and taken to a cleaning area or swapped with another trough ready to go. It only takes a matter of minutes to clean down the Flexwall feeder meaning changeovers and downtime are kept to a minimum.

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