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Bay Plastics Machinery offers spare parts for all makes of pelletizing systems, from feed rolls to new or repaired rotors, or even sharpening your existing rotors. We can supply parts for most models of Automatik, Cumberland, Scheer, Accrapak, or Reduction, and any other brand or model you have.

Rotor Repair and Sharpening

Any rotor purchased from Bay Plastics Machinery comes with free lifetime-guaranteed standard sharpening. Simply send it back to our shop, and we will sharpen it for you. Damaged, missing teeth or excessive wear are not covered under this agreement; prices for repair or additional sharpening will be quoted after a full inspection and prior to any work being performed.

Wedge Lock

Our wedge lock rotors are made of a base material 17-4 PH stainless steel coated with tungsten carbide.  This rotor is ideal for any filled material. All wedge lock rotors have carbide blades of our own proprietary specifications that outlast the competition, and are easily replaced.

Bed Knives and Doctor Blades

Our stock of bed knives and doctor blades are available in various materials and sizes. We offer carbide, stellite, and ceramic, among other varieties.

Upper Feed Rolls

Our upper feed rolls are available in an assortment of different coverings to suit whatever your extrusion line desires, in a variety of grits, harnesses, chemical resistances, and durability’s. Coverings include silicone, polyurethane, hypalon, carboxylated nitrile, neoprene, EDPM, and more.

Stellite Rotor

All of our stellite rotors start out with a high quality stainless steel base material to which we machine and then hand weld the stellite to the base.  The hand welding is critical for repair ability of damaged teeth.  Stellite rotors are ideal for any unfilled or lightly filled materials, and are easily and completely repairable. Entire teeth can be removed and replaced.

Bolt-On Rotors

Bolt-on blade rotors have changeable blades for easy repair, and feature optional carbide coating. Bolt-on rotors can be configured to have from 2 to 16 teeth.  These are BPM’S standard rotors for the Pultrusion Pelletizers.

Bearings and Housings

We offer a large assortment of bearings and housings. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Please contact us to see what kinds of bearings we currently have in stock.

Lower Feed Rolls

We offer lower feed rolls not only for our machines, but also for almost any new or used pelletizer on the market.  The feed rolls can be made of a variety materials, coating or styles to fit the customers needs.

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