Liftvrac – on-site trials from Genesis

Liftvrac, the inventors of the amazing conveying systems of the same name recently shown at PPMA, has appointed Genesis Process Solutions as their agents for the UK and Ireland.

Phil Cameron is the Sales Director of Genesis Process Solutions: “We started to talk to Liftvrac some months before PPMA and convinced them that taking exhibition space was a good way of introducing the system to the UK markets. The level of good quality response was excellent with the number of companies requesting on-site trials well into double figures. We have now taken delivery of a Model S Liftvrac and already conducted on-site trials with some companies”

To state that the Liftvrac conveying system is revolutionary is something of an understatement. It is more efficient, more economic and easier to clean than any other short-range mechanical or pneumatic system currently available for handling powdered, fluid, fragile or sticky products.

The key component is a polyurethane belt which forms a tube around the product and carries it the entire length of the elevation.

The flat belt is formed into a tube just after the product inlet and this tube then carries the material up to the top of the Liftvrac, where the belt opens flat again. The belt always wants to become flat naturally so doesn’t squeeze the product. Once the speed and belt load is set up the product holds itself in position so there is no stress on the product itself.

A lip system effectively seals the tube and holds the product in place until it’s discharged at the end of the line. The seal is so effective that any powdered product, for example, can be conveyed without any risk of leakage into the surrounding environment. But it isn’t just powders that Liftvrac can handle. Fish, cheese, pasta, meat, plastics and a huge range of other products can be conveyed without any fear of blockages or clogging thanks to a scraper located at the discharge end of the belt.

With a small motor, ranging from 0.5 – 1.5kW the Liftvrac system is extremely energy efficient and can handle product at rates up to18m3/h. The entire system can be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled in around twenty minutes – ideal if different products are going to be conveyed.

Liftvrac is available in two models, C and S which refer to their shapes. C has been designed for tight enclosed spaces where the product needs to be conveyed to a mezzanine while the S model is better where there is more space and the product needs elevating to a mezzanine or overhead production line.

Typical installations including the conveying of finished goods to a multi-head weigher, feeding raw ingredients to a mixer or even transferring from one area to another, the beauty of the Liftvrac is how versatile the unit is.

To discuss an on-site trial or a free site survey please contact Phil Cameron on 01270 766300.

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